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Have a question? Hopefully, these FAQ's can help.


As with any company you are entrusting to provide service, we know you may have questions. Below you will find frequently asked questions and will hopefully find an answer. If not, you are more than welcome to contact us. Even if you find the answer here and want more elaboration, feel free to get in touch with us as well. 

Why should I choose BarksTown?

     At BarksTown we only strive to give you the best care possible. With all of our staff's experience in pet care, we know we can provide you with the best in any service utilized in our company. We consider your pet to be one of our own and our care will show just that. 

What areas do you provide services to?

     We currently provide services in Jersey City and Hoboken and Weehawken, NJ for now. For more specific details to our coverage area, please click on the ABOUT US section. 

What is your cancellation policy?

     We do know things come up or plans change and we understand 100%. If you have a need to change or cancel a scheduled service, we ask that you send an e-mail, voicemail or even a text message no later than 9 AM on the day of your service. If not done by that time, you will be charged in full for the service.


     For boardings, we ask for a 72 hour cancellation notice. If done before 72 hours, there will be no charge; between 48 and 72 hours, 50% of the boarding total will be assessed and if cancelled within 48 hours, you will unfortunately be assessed 100% of the boarding.   

Payments? How does that work?

     Payments are collected on the last day of service during the week. We will either email an invoice or leave a physical invoice for your convenience detailing your services and totals due. We accept cash and/or check.

What is expected from me if I decide to take on BarksTown's services?
     All we ask from our clients are up to date records from your veterinarian if we are providing walks of any kind and/or boarding. If any of the other services that we provide are requested, clear instructions are necessary to provide the very best care. We will provide you with a questionaire as well to have on file such as your veterinarian and contact information. 
We want to get to know who we are hiring, is there a consultation?
     Yes and it's FREE! We insist on having a meet and greet with our customers. This allows for any questions to be answered in a personal manner as well as getting to know the pet(s) we will be providing service for. It also allows for an exchange of information such as veterinarian records or instructions for care. 
I see you provide fish care. Are you able to handle brackish/marine setups as well?

     Yes. We do have staff who currently or have previously owned these kinds of setups. Whether you really just need your protein skimmer checked on or want to make sure the pH in your cichlid tank is correct, we will always make sure the correct staff is sent to your home.

It's Monday and I'm heading out of state Wednesday, can we skip the meet and greet and just have you provide pet services?

     Yes and No. If it is a walking service, we would not feel comfortable stepping into a home where your pet was not formally introduced to us. We are in their eyes, an intruder and even though your dog may be 5 pounds, it can cause a pet to freak out and stress out and we do not want to cause ANY form of harm to them. 

     All other services such as fish, bird and small animal services are possible as they are much easier tasks and do not require such formal meetings prior to care. We do however, request prepayment for such short notice in care.

What is done on your visits?

     For walks we provide the time that is requested outdoors. Afterwards, we make sure there is fresh water available afterwards and during their walks and food if requested. If there is kenneling done, we make sure it is secure prior to leaving the premises of your home. Cats, birds and small animals are provided with changing of their litter pans/bedding, provide fresh water and food if requested. Also, any medications that may need to be given and ensuring it is consumed. Fish services consist of feeding if requested, making sure any plugs are still secure or any special requests that are in the scope of our services are done correctly. 

Is there a minimum amount of days required for walking/puppy services per week?

     Yes. We ask all of our customers to sign on for a minimum of 3 days per week. While we do prefer a fulltime schedule, we do understand pet parents schedules aren't always fulltime themselves. We also ask for set days so that a schedule can be made to correlate with the schedules of our staff so that we can provide on time services.

How is scheduling done?

     We ask for a 2-3 hour window. This allows for staff to get from one location to another and also prevents overbooking time slots so that we can make sure your requested service is done in a timely manner. If however you require a specific time due to medication or time is absolutely sensitive, we require this to be told to us so that we can do our VERY best to provide the service on time.

Are you insured? Bonded?

     We are proud to say that we are insured against any mishaps while providing care for your pet(s). While we will do our absolute best to make sure everything goes amazing everytime, sometimes mishaps do happen. When those mishaps happen, please know that we have your pet covered while in our care.   

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